The Big House Means Business

Bring immersive theatre to your corporate training and events to create memorable, high energy, hard hitting and engaging experiences for your teams in-house or remotely.

‘The team at The Big House, through their challenging and high impact performances, provide an exceptional route through which to inform and engage our managers and to help give them insights necessary for organisations like ours to flourish in these challenging times.’  Ziyad Marar, President, Global Publishing, SAGE Publishing

Our experiences employ exceptional young people that are either care leavers, or at high risk of social exclusion and who have successfully been through our Open House Project. Through The Big House Means Business our aim is to expand the perspective of your teams through the voices and performances of these extraordinary young people, who have gone from the margins of society to centre stage.


2hr experience – 20 minute film, breakouts, facilitated group discussion.

The Big House Means Business presents ‘Everyone’, a curated artistic experience that explores themes of implicit bias, and barriers to communication. This package is designed to augment formal corporate training programs by drawing on the deeper emotional understanding that comes from responding to difficult, sometimes painful, artistic performances.

‘Expertly crafted and uncomfortable to watch… feels more ‘real’ and directly relevant to personal experience than most DEI work.’ -Workshop Participant

The Big House will help your teams better understand how the small things that play out in day to day encounters and interactions with their equally small, unintended consequences, affirm and consolidate the status of both the marginalised, the privileged, and those that fall somewhere in between.

‘A brilliant engaging and enlightening group discussion around an outstanding scene… by the Big House’ SAGE Publishing Employee

CPD accredited DEI experience

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Bullet Tongue Reloaded

2hrs – 40 minute extract performance, Q&A session with actors.

This critically acclaimed play tells a powerful story, exploring the serious issues around county lines drug dealing and what life is actually like for the young people involved in gangs.

‘WOW – that performance absolutely blew me away….it surpassed every expectation I had– it was immensely powerful and delivered with true conviction, authenticity and talent.’ Frontline – Principal Curriculum Lead – Year 2 and CSW Programme

Challenging your perspectives, taking you by the eyes and ears, The Big House will take you to a place where the difference between ‘us’ and ‘them’ falls away and unconscious bias can be confronted.

CPD accredited contextual safeguarding experience.

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Why it works for your organisation:

  • Experience an unforgettable, hard-hitting performance that deals with critical themes around equality, inclusion and the illicit economy that has emerged out of lack of opportunity
  • Challenge perspectives and bring an experience into your organisation that will support your work to  develop an aware, responsible and empathetic culture 
  • Recognise your privilege, understand and empathise with the challenges young people face today
  • Help to develop an aware, responsible and non-judgemental culture for your business
  • Engage employees working from home in a new and dynamic way
  • Support a local charity that provides opportunities for vulnerable young people
  • Strengthen team bonds and revive their engagement through a memorable, emotive shared experience 

Host a performance or workshop as part of your organisation’s broader D&I program, or just as a one-off activity that is something a bit different for your teams.



“…this is raw, it’s different, it offers a glimpse of another London that many of us never see and a story that theatre seldom tells.”

Lyn Gardner

“The actors’ openness, honesty and bravery in sharing their stories was really moving and their journeys were inspirational.” 

SAGE Publishing employee

“Insightful discussion, good use of the platform, really nice to share the views with other people and hear their point of view as we don’t do that often enough for difficult conversations”

SAGE Publishing employee

“Expertly crafted and uncomfortable to watch as feels more ‘real’ and directly relevant to personal experience than most DEI work.”

SAGE Publishing employee 

“I have just been blown away by the play and Q&A that you and the young people who took part in it for us. Thank you so much.’

Audience member

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