The Big House Means Business

Looking for a different, innovative and highly effective approach to team building and behavioural skills training?

Then look no further than The Big House Means Business.

What do we offer?

Using ground-breaking drama based approaches, The Big House Means Business offers unique, fun and stimulating experiences. We promise to deliver a high energy, fun, engaging training and events for your teams. These are not “off the shelf packages”, we create individually designed workshops based upon your specific needs. These can be stand-alone, or we can bring variety to a wider programme and are happy to work with other providers.

The Big House Means Business is now available online!

Team building events

Our team building events are action packed and creatively explore how teams can become more effective. Using drama based exercises we harness your imagination, generate new ways of thinking, and explore how together you can create high-performance teams. Our approach is energising, fun, and personalised to your particular objectives.

Outcomes include:

  • A greater understanding of both individual needs and the team’s dynamics with high levels of team commitment to deliver more effective team working;
  • Re-energised teams with clear focus on the achievement of their business goals
  • Creation of highly motivated teams ready to take on new challenges or significant change.

Our approach builds high levels of commitment and we work hard with participants to ensure they leave the workshops with clear and stretching actions.

Behavioural skills development

The Big House Means Business brings a new and highly effective approach to behavioural skills development. Role-plays, break-out sessions and presentations may have their place but can often feel stale and a little false. At The Big House we believe that to bring about lasting behavioural change, the training intervention needs to be truly immersive, real and memorable.

Drama based exercises encourage a high level of participation from attendees, they challenge deeply held perceptions and provide a safe and supportive environment for people to explore working outside their current comfort zones. Our approaches is particularly suited to:

  • Development of relationship building skills through approaches that increase people’s empathic awareness to others;
  • Increased confidence and skill in dealing with new, challenging or difficult business situations such as building personal relationships and networks, managing performance, pitching to clients or negotiating business contracts
  • Building the skills and confidence to deliver engaging, innovative and memorable business presentations.

Why should you choose The Big House Means Business?

You will work with some of our extraordinary young people, who have gone from the margins of society to centre stage and standing ovations. Their desire now is to take other people on their own journey.

You may see a specially commissioned theatrical piece,  take part in discussions, games, and activities that break down barriers. Your experiences of fear, nerves and trust will power your progress – all we do is facilitate that process. By the end of the session you will know yourself and your colleagues that bit better. You will leave with a better understanding of what humans can do, and how you can help them do it in the future.


ELBA organises team away days for many of our more than 100 corporate members on 400 occasions every year, so we had high expectations when we set off for Hackney. We weren’t disappointed – the Big House team provided the perfect day out for our team of 50.  Well organised, professional, inspirational and a lot of fun – ELBA hasn’t laughed so much for years!”  Liam Kane, CEO, East London Business Alliance (ELBA)

A bespoke performance at an all staff conference in November 2016. Photo by Dylan Nolte.

“I felt this day was by far the best training I have received whilst with Barclays, it was completely unique and I feel that I and the others I attended with gained much more from this than other more traditional corporate training. I was amazed by the energy and enthusiasm from the young people of The Big House and in particular Maggie who demonstrates the massive impact just one person can have.” Olivia Lewis, Barclays

We were all blown away by The Big House and all of you that we worked with on the day… Those who attended both days last week are feeling very inspired and keen to support you all further where helpful.” Liz Cope, Linklaters, Global Community Advisor & Corporate Responsibility.

It was entertaining, powerful and thought-provoking, with a perfect balance of humour and pathos – not to mention dancing (with many of our team joining in!). The acting was superb all round and people have been talking about ‘Knife Edge’ ever since the conference – some have even booked to see the show again. Thank you!

Comic Relief’s response to our performance at their annual staff conference.

Contact: [email protected] for more information and bookings.

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