Phoenix Rising

8th November to 2nd December 2017 (Underneath Smithfield Meat Market)

Phoenix Rising follows the first steps of an 18-year-old leaving care – steps that lead straight into poverty, bad company and the constant attacks of his worst enemy – himself. Out on the track, he is untouchable. No-one can get near him. But when his wings start to fail him, he will have to face his demons, to make one final flight.

Director Maggie Norris
Associate Director Sammy Glover
Writer Andrew Day
Fight Director Kate Waters
Designer Emma Bailey
Lighting Designer Zoe Spurr
Sound Designer Ed Clarke
Assistant Director Fran Oliveras

Photojournalist, Rick Findler, documented the journey of rehearsals and the performance of the first night’s showing. You can see his photos here.

Praise for Phoenix Rising

“Thought-provoking and meticulously structured piece of theatre”

“Norris’ direction is strong and focused, using the massive makeshift stage – an underground car park – with ease. She has the crowd following the story around, chasing after the actors and sometimes dodging them in an astonishing choreography of bodies and space.” ★★★★★ Broadway World

“Intelligent, magnetic and raw with emotion”

“If you’re going to see any theatre this month, it should be this”

“[Aston McAuley] throws himself into the role with an astonishing level of mental and physical energy; it’s a highly intelligent interpretation, both magnetic and subtle.”

“The set pieces involving the whole cast really hammer home how polished Phoenix Rising is” ★★★★★ Islington Gazette

“Director Maggie Norris, has constructed an enthralling performance that keeps the audience on their toes, but totally engrossed in the painfully real characters.”

“A deeply emotional piece of drama”

“Innovative, and brilliantly executed staging”

“The entire cast give everything they’ve got, and perform with real passion”

★★★★★ Theatre Weekly


Photo by Dylan NoltePhoto by Dylan NoltePhoto by Dylan NoltePhoto by Rick FindlerPhoto by Ben Millar ColePhoto by Ben Millar ColePhoto by Ben Millar ColePhoto by Sonia ArcherPhoto by Sonia ArcherPhoto by Sonia ArcherPhoto by Sonia ArcherPhoto by Sonia ArcherPhoto by Sonia ArcherPhoto by Sonia ArcherPhoto by Sonia ArcherPhoto by Sonia Archer


“Oz Enver embodies Callum’s debilitating disease with incredibly disturbing physicality, his half-naked skeletal body jerking and twisting, almost as if he’s break-dancing in reverse.”

“Aston McAuley as Callum, who shows great rage and tenderness, and careers around the huge space with tremendous energy.” ★★★★ The Stage

“It feels real, something only bolstered by the sincere and committed performers.” ★★★★ London City Nights

“Raw, edgy performances…an experience that will stay with me for quite some time” ★★★★★ Spy in the Stalls

“Fiery, passionate performance from McAuley, a stand-out star who displays versatility and range by balancing a variety of personalities and motivations throughout his performance.”

“Maggie Norris’ adept direction complements an ensemble who are all genuinely passionate, energised and dedicated to the performance, which gives Phoenix Rising an inherent, uplifting positivity”

“Zoe Spurr’s crafty lighting design catches the eye from across the car park and draws the audience across to the next piece of the puzzle”. ★★★★ Miro Magazine

“Magnetic and impending” Everything Theatre