Knife Edge

18th May to 12th June 2016 (Pond, Dalston)
1st and 2nd August 2016 (Royal Court Theatre)


Sometimes life cuts deep. Sometimes life needs a slap.

Written by David Watson (Housed, The Old Vic) and directed by The Big House Artistic Director, Maggie Norris, Knife Edge is a play about fear, food and family that begins with a murder and ends with a feast.

A girl with no name, hungry for life, fights to tell her own story. Immerse yourself in a darkly comic world, and join her on a journey of discovery, culminating in a culinary coming-together of cast and audience.

Meet our young people in an extraordinary environment bringing together people who might not ordinarily meet. Come on a theatrical journey like no other. Laugh – Think – and Eat…

Sound Design by Ed Clarke (Frankenstein, NT) and Lighting Design by Amy Mae Smith (2015 Winner of the Knight of Illumination Award for Best Musical, Sweeney Todd).

Photos by Helen Murray

“Knife Edge is a play that’s ostensibly about food. And yes, played out in a restaurant, featuring a restauranteur, and culminating in a feast for the audience, food does have a key role. But it’s really about so much more than that.

It’s about frustration. It’s about how hard it can be growing up in care, shoved from one hostel to another. It’s about anger and despair and sadness. But it’s also about hope. And humour. And finding joy in unexpected places, and self-betterment and care. 

And it’s exceptionally, utterly brilliant. It’s transformative. It will open your eyes and mind to think about the world in a new, enlightened way. 

It’s one of those nights, in fact, that remind you that plugging into different events, turning up to things where you don’t know exactly what will happen, can enrich you in ways you’d never imagine.

For without giving anything away, because Knife Edge is an immersive experience that is better when you’re surprised, it’s a powerhouse of stellar performances. The natural charisma, poise and emotional volatility of Tezlym Senior Sakutu in the lead role shines through, as believable and watchable as anything in the West End.

For that’s the thing about Knife Edge – it’s not the West End. Showing in what feels like the end of the East (aka Dalston), it’s run by Big House, whose mission is to “enable young people who have been in care to fulfil their potential.” It’s the result of 12 weeks of workshops, an intensive project providing a structured framework for a group of care leavers, chosen because they need it the most. None of the cast have been auditioned, and there’s a jump-started authenticity to their deliverances. The profits from the tickets go back into supporting future initiatives.

So go. Be amazed. Eat. The most exciting theatre event of the year.”
★★★★★ Pip McCormac, Red Magazine 

“Theatre at its most effective”” ★★★★ The Upcoming 

Raw energy and an impressive setting come together in this distinctive promenade performanceThe Stage

“A visceral performance in every sense of the word…dark, engaging and inspiring”Design My Night

“Sensational. Witty, poignant, beautifully acted. Don’t miss it” Paul Webster, Deputy Editor, The Observer

Photos by Catherine Ashmore.