Open House Project – Week 10

This group have taken their improvisation skills onto the street, creating mini performances that the ‘audience’ will never realise were not real life events. Arguments, proposals and intimate overheard conversations were played out on the street and in parks in Peckham and on the bank of the Thames – with members of the public as the unknowing spectators. Members took note to see which people walked by, looked back – or even tried to intervene. Our faith in humanity was affirmed with many people trying to resolve the dramatic conflicts we created. It was also an incredible way to work on naturalistic acting and keeping in character!

We were invited to Shakespeare’s Globe for an acting workshop and to see Matthew Dunster’s Imogen – a modern reimagining of the play Cymbeline, putting the main female character firmly at the forefront of the story. The group got their tongues round Shakespeare’s words in a workshop with Nicole Charles, and also getting a taste of the actor’s process by watching the dance rehearsal on the main stage. – ‘I’m fluent in slang. When they are speaking Shakespearean I have to adjust to theirs – I somehow understand it – I know how to speak proper slang, that’s why I like it’ – Ruseanie Woolery

See Ruseanie’s response to the play in this short clip:


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